Reflective Essay Writing: About What You Should Write

Reflective essays are some of the most complicated types of essays to write. They are based on your personal life, as we shall explain below, but there are a lot of facts you should know before you start reflective essay writing.

The first thing to know about reflective essay writing

The first thing you will have to know is what a reflective essay is all about. It is about a particular event that occurred in your life that changed you. It can be positive or negative or both if you have such an event. The event is actually less important than its effect on your life.

Reflective essays are commonly written in the diary from where you will have to reveal how your attitude, opinion or belief changed over a period of time. That’s why you should be careful when choosing the topic and it should look appealing in the eyes of your readers.

In most cases, you will have to write an academic reflective essay. It is more complicated and it should be written perfectly. But, you can write this type of essay for other purposes as well. For example, you can write it for the magazine.

Two main types of reflective essays

There are two types of reflective essays you will have to know about. The first one is based on personal growth. Basically, it is a story of an event that changed you or had a massive impact on your life. These essays are more common and they are easier to write. The key is to choose a specific event with huge importance for you.

Reflective essay writing that is focused on the literature is more common among the students. Here, you will have to write about the book, or any piece of literature and how it changed. There is no need in telling you that the main difference is in the main topic. Make sure you perform proper research.

About what you can write?

There is no simple answer here. You are free to write about anything that changed your life or affected it. Each essay is different and it is written by a different person, obviously. As such, each writer has the ability to choose the event that was important. As we have mentioned earlier, you can choose a positive or negative situation and how you benefit from it. Why you changed, what made you want to change and other effects that may be important.

Some students like writing about negative situations in their life. It is easier for you to invoke the emotional response of the readers, but these essays are complicated to write precisely due to the negative elements they contain.

Try to find the most important situation or event in your life and start reflective essay writing right now. You can write about anything, so it is easy to start for most of you. Just make sure to get emotions of the readers to come to the surface.


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