Writing The Best Argumentative Essay For Academic Purpose

Argumentative essay writing is a very common assignment for college students. As it is one of the toughest writing activities, most of the students think of avoiding it. However, you have no chance to keep away from the argumentative essay while your college professor has assigned it to you. You may choose any topic for this type of essay. It is always essential to follow the right steps for this academic essay paper.

Let us guide you in the best way to help you with writing the paper easily. As one of the writers of this argumentative essay paper, you have to convince your readers of your own views. You must have the persuasive writing skills to compose this essay.

At first, we have listed all the elements that must be present in an argumentative essay:

  • Position. It is the argument side, chosen by you.
  • Reasons. You have to find out the reasons for which you are making the arguments. In the absence of any reason, your arguments can turn out to be baseless.
  • Evidence or Proof. It is a chance of making your arguments stronger by presenting the facts and various other relevant resources.
  • Counterarguments. All the best argumentative papers have this element. We call this counterargument as a contradictory argument from your own viewpoint. After revealing these counterarguments, you have to say why they are ineffective.

Writing the essay in the right format

Choice of a topic for the argumentative essay

It is one of the vital decisions of the writer. You must not choose a topic, which does not interest your readers. Thus, you have to take time for choosing the essay topic. You may also rely on professionals for picking a topic for you.

Finding out the best resources

The base of the strongest argumentative paper is in your research process. Throughout the essay content, you have to argue. Thus, you must deal with any debatable topic. By doing the research with concentration, you will be able to back up all the claims. However, information from various sources may be different. Your research quality will also cause a difference in the standard of your argumentative essay.

Evaluate all the chosen sources to check out their reputability. You have to keep away from the unreliable information to compose your essay.

A very clear and highly defined thesis statement for the opening paragraph

You have to review the topic for writing the introduction of your essay. Reveal the importance of your essay topic. You must say why every reader has to deal with the issue. Follow your instructors’ guidelines for writing this part. While you have not written this part rightly, you may not compose the best persuasive essay.

Make a coherent transition

All the paragraphs, starting from the introduction to the conclusion, must have connectivity to each other. The proper transitions always make your essay better. It will prevent the collapse of the structure. Thus, you have to focus on the previous paragraph to write the present one.

Include evidence for the body of your essay

For each of the paragraphs, you have to deal with a chosen issue. It will keep up the clarity in your writings. The preciseness of the content increases the readability of the essay. Every paragraph of your essay body must have a logical connection to your introduction.
As you are writing the argumentative essays, you have to include various viewpoints on the topic. Based on the word limit of your essay, you have to include 1 to 2 paragraphs to talk about the contradictory opinions on your topic.

Thus, create your essay body by writing all the paragraphs properly.

Evidence for the arguments

Your evidence may be anecdotal, statistical, logical, or factual. You have to add current, detailed, and accurate information. It is not ethical to avoid the evidence for your argumentative essay.

Conclusion for the essay

Most of the students struggle with this part of the essay. You must not add any new information. You have to present all your strong arguments precisely and reveal the reasons behind them.

Thus, it is now clear to you how you have to write an argumentative essay. Now, you can try out writing it, applying all your skills.


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